Moving character and camera!


Hey! Sooo I’m creating a story, but rn I’m stuck. I want to ‘‘pan to zone 2’’ for example and make characters walk at the same time.
And another one: How do you make a character talk while slowly zooming in? When I try it, the camera first zooms in and when its done, the characters talk. SOS

xx Zoë


you need to use the “&” command to make the actions at the same time, let me write an example


&FEMALE walks to spot 1.280 550 0 in 3
@pan to zone 2 in 3

or you can do that too :
@follow FEMALE to screen left/center/right in zone …


And for the problem with the zoom, you can do something that looks like this :

&zoom on … … to …% in …

I think that should work!


@pan to move the screen


Thank you very much!