Moving Characters at a various speed

Can anyone show me how to make my character seem like he had gotten hit really hard and thrown across the room?

I need it to look like it was done in a matter of seconds.

youll need to use spot directing

maybe try

@CHARACTER walks to spot (spot) IN zone (whatever) in time (seconds) and CHARACTER does it while run_superspeed?

I forgot what the run animation is, but search up run, and there should be one called super speed or something. Not sure if this will work, but try it!

How can I do it while the other punches the person?

@Nique_Unique You’ll need to use spot directing.

For example


&MC stands screen right
&N spot 1.032 -306 -85 AND N faces right
@transition fade in black 2

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER moves to layer 3
@N moves to layer 2
@MC moves to layer 1

&N walks to spot 1.035 52 -82 in 3.0 AND N does it while idle

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to -396 -45 in 3.0
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 0.872 0.872

sound car_screech

@pause for a beat
@MC faces left THEN MC starts run_fall
@N starts mortified THEN MC starts idle_fallen
@pause for a beat

^that’s a copy-paste from my script… idk if it answers your question?
Basically just add
@ CHAR walks to [spot] in [small amount of seconds]
for it to be faster :))

Simultaneous commands:
Use the ampersand - &.

Try what I told you, but before the character flies across the background, do @CHARACTER1 is (punch animation) THEN @CHARACTER is (whatever I told you earlier)

Would it be something like this
&ANGELA is punch_jab THEN SCOTT runs to spot 0.803 -48 163 in 2.0

to make it quicker:

@CHAR is ANI and pause for # (how long ani is or how long u want it) THEN CHAR is ANI

So it’ll be @ANGELA is punch_jab AND pauses for 1.0 THEN ANGELA is
That’s how far I think I understood.

Don’t do @CHARACTER runs to spot. It won’t work. Do @CHARACTER walks to spot (coordinates) AND @CHARACTER does it while (run animation).

I have this down but all he is doing is running instead of getting thrown back.

@ANGELA is punch_jab AND pause for 2.0
@SCOTT walks to spot 0.803 -48 163 AND SCOTT does it while run_athletic_offset

AND SCOTT does it while run animation IN (time frame in seconds) To make it short, do 0.1

It gave me a warning, did I code in anything wrong?

Oh… I fiqure it out, thanks for your help!

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