Moving episode ac from samsung to apple

i’m so annoyed:roll_eyes: bacically i had a samsung for 2 or 3 year’s and now i just got an iphone and i downloaded episode, i go to log into my account that i had on my samsung and it gives me the message linked when i put my password in. idk how to fix it and i need to bc i’m writing a story that i haven’t published yet and it means i’ll have to move all my overlays bc i use them quite often in my story and do all the coding again to place them right bc they might not be in the right place which is so annoying bc i was almost don’t so i’m so p***ed and over those years i read so many great stories and a lot weren’t complete and i don’t even remember most of them anyways and a lot of them have like 40 or 50 even 60+ episodes and there just the incomplete ones!!:roll_eyes: all of that means i’ve lost everything i’ve done in them please fix this episode i’m so annoyed and if anyone knows any way i can fix it please tell me xx

You can e mail episode about it but I tried moving the progress from a Samsung to an iPhone and it doesn’t work. Episode told me that, it can’t happen.

You can’t. You will have to start all over. :woman_facepalming:t5: It happened to me when I switched to my iPhone back in December. I lost all of my progress and had to make a whole new account. It’s very frustrating.

Wow. I was getting an apple but not anymore! What am I going to do when I change mine? I write stories and NEED my progress…

ugh that’s so annoying why can’t they make it so you can move it bc it’s the same ac ill just start all over again i guess :confused: thanks anyways x

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if i’d of known this was gona happen i wouldn’t have either it’s so stupid i hope they change it

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ugh okay thanks anyways

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you are so welcome.


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