Moving Fire Overlay Help!


Hi! So if anyone on the forums reading this has read the story ‘Feening’ by, you’ll know that her customisation/intro scenes are A-MA-ZING!

However, if you aren’t familiar with Feening, then let me elaborate,
When you start her story, she has a customisation game, although, it’s very unique, with looping overlays in the background, it’s really mesmerising. I want to create something similar, except instead of just ‘moving’ overlays, I want them to see alive. You all must know what a moving fire looks like. Alive, if anyone knows how to create fire overlays that look like their moving/crackling on loop at the same time to create a more interesting customisation please either PM/DM/Comment below on how to do this. I understand what I’m trying to say is REALLY hard to comprehend because I know I ramble when writing things like these. Thank you so much for reading this!


I don’t quite get what you meant but…
Check out this guide by @TheTurtleTrainer
Maybe this will help-


Thank you so much! I’ll check it out now! :smiley:


No problem…


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