Moving Intro Help


Hey! I have a story that’s recent;y published called God’s Daughter. And I’m in need of an intro. Someone who is very experienced with the writers portal as my attempt was pittyful.
Any information needed please let me know


What exactly do you need help with?


Like, maybe send a picture of what you attempted, or what youwant


I need a coded intro. Someone who is skilled in advanced directing


I think I could attempt that. If you’re ok with me trying.


Sure! Thank you so much DM me what u need


Yea! No problem! What do you want for the intro?


It’s pretty much up to you what you do. But there is contrast in the story. Like good and evil. As it’s Gods daughter it need to be all pure and innocent whereas the devils son is dangerous and bad.


Alright then, can I have the characters names?


Sure! The Female is called Dea and the Male is called Mors


Okay! I’m guessing Dea is the angel and Mors is the devil/Demon whichever




Alrighty, and how quickly do you need it?
Ps maybe I’ll start later tonight/tomorrow as I have an important hint I need to get to later


5hing* sorry


Take your time! If there is anything else you need ask


Okay, how many people do you want inthe scene?


And what background


Black and white background and just the two main characters. Do you need character details


I only needed their names, so it’s fine, unlesss you want to.

Regarding the background, do you know which background exactly?


Another thing is that what are they saying to each other. Is it just introducing the characters or?..