Moving intro needed


Hi! Is there someone here who makes moving intros for stories?


As in a Trailer for your story like Joseph Evans did?


Not exactly. In some stories, when there is the title or the chapter name, sometimes the writing moves, there are overlays and something like that. Like in Ebonny’s (I’m not pretending to reach her level). I’m not sure if “video entry” is the right name :sweat_smile:


I am kind of confused, dear.


Sorry, English isn’t my first language!
They are moving intros! I better change the name :sweat_smile:


Ah, I know. And your English is perfectly fine, I was just over thinking the whole thing!
You will just have it like an overlay and move it. It is very complicated.


I tried but, like you said, it’s very complicated :confused:


Well, I have no experience in it, sorry for wasting your time!


No worries! :slight_smile:


Do you already have in mind what you want it to look like and what overlays you’d like?


Hey! If you can make moving intros, I’d be interested also.
Please PM me if you accept my request.


Hey! Thank you for your answer, but someone contacted me in PM :blush: thank you the same!!


Ohh you mean those things where they (may or may not) pause for second ?


What kind are you thinking of? I know exactly what you are talking about and I may be able to help.

It might take me a while though as they take a while to make/code :see_no_evil:


i can help you if you want me to???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thank you for your answer, but already solved my problem!:kissing_heart:


Thank you for answering, but I already solved my problem!! Thanks :heart_eyes:


ok if you need someone to do it i can help :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: