Want a moving intro for your episode story? Then you’ve come the right place. Please remember this isn’t my first priority in life, and I have a review thread, meaning it may take a “while”. Just follow these simple rules and you are on your way to getting a moving intro…

R U L E S :

  1. You must send me the overlays of what you want in your into, then explain to me how you want it to be. Don’t just tell me “do anything” I need a basis of what to do.

  2. You must like this post

  3. You must wait for me to accept your request, and then I’ll PM you.

  4. When you send me the overlays, give me their exact name in YOUR episode portal, this will be easier for both you and I.

  5. I won’t accept anyone who is not giving me respect and degrades me.

6… Credit doesn’t have to be given, and I don’t mind if you request on any other threads. Just please use my art, and don’t lie if you don’t like it.


Like to get a moving intro. :heart:


I was wondering if you have any examples?

Can I see some examples as well?

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@EpisodeGirl & @Teahwalker I currently have no examples, but I’m familiar with overlays and coding. :heart:


That’s all cool!

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Would you like to request anything? :heart:

Can i request @Shani_Theo?

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wow ur so pro!:scream: :rofl:

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what is exactly the coding? actually i’ve been searching these kinds of topics my whole life!

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Sure just PM me the overlay and background. :heart:

It is just shifting, scaling and playing around with overlays. :heart:

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Hey! I’m writing a new story and I’m new to overlays so I was wondering if you could help me out with an intro. Cause you sound awesome.

Title : Rage & Revenge
It’s a gang story but with a twist, so something involving violence.
Maybe with the MC’s in it.
The female’s script name is CIECO
And the male’s is JUSTIN

The overlays I definitely want in there are:

1 is called MC
2 is called MC2
3 is called EXPLO

I’m open to adding any extra overlays you may use or wish to use to make it better
I definitely want the actual characters in it maybe in an argument or in a shootout
I’m so sorry if i’m being vague, Its hard to explain and i understand you have a life and cant do anything extravagant

Thx NDWrites :kiss:

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I’ll get started on it now, thank you for requesting. :heart:

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Thank you so much! :kiss:

Would you like any sound? :heart:

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If it’s not too much trouble :kiss:

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@NDWrites Which gif do you prefer?

3 please

Okay I’ll be including this, I was going to add a mwah scene, but I don’t think it fits in well with the mafia them. :heart:

Thats fine there will be romance, but little background the female charcter is blind