Moving Intros Needed!


Does anyone know how to create a moving intro?


I can create it but it will take a week or two


Can you please show me an example?

I want to make sure you and i are on the same page.


I don’t have a picture of intro


I only have a picture of splashes and cover


I made about 10 before but It is on my tablet


So what exactly do you mean by a moving intro? Can you elaborate?


Have you ever read Forbidden Chemistry? I mean when the words animate like you’re writing them.


For this you use words that you can upload in png form as an overlay then you can use directing commands to shift, scale, fade, them etc.



Thank you!
@Ryan/@Jeremy please close this thread.




I’m listening, sorry for being so hasty!


Do you want me to help you create them? If you don’t want me to create them then I can atleast give you links to websites that might be useful for you.


Haha, it’s okay.


That’ll be awesome!


So first choose a background and then to create the png words I’ll include this link here:

It’s super simple, just click on the font you like, type in what you want, download, then save it to your art catalog and your Done! To animate them you might wanna use Dara’s Overlay guide. I’ll include the link as well:

Animating might seem a bit hard at first but trust me it gets easier as you go. :grin:


So…am I closing this topic? Thanks!


Yes, thanks so much!