Moving mouth overlay

hi! can someone please give me the steps to do the moving mouth overlay? im not sure if you just cut out a bunch of different mouths… or like idk ahaha. if someone cud help that’d be great!

basicly yes it depends on the efect but one way it to cut different mouths and animate them bit in a way like a gif.

Or you can if it suits the scene cut separalety uppr and lower lip and move them.

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so i dont need to make 5 different overlays (of the full body) all with different mouths? I can just make overlays of the mouths alone?

sorry you were asking about the mouth overlays so that was my answer.

Regarding the background (character) - people usualy use mouth overlays only with face overlay because they make special face expression which doesnt exist with talking animation.

If you areOK with talking animation you do not need mouth overlays so I am not sure why you sugest to use mouth overlay directly on character… but if there is idle animation expression you want to use for talkind there are 2 ways

  1. create overlay with only skin color to cover the original mouth and animete the mouth above it - then you can keep the character in idle animation he will still be blinking atc…

  2. create the character as an overlay and use the mouth animation above it.

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ok i think i understand. thank you so so much! <33

Is that what you want?

i have this exact ss haha, i was just confused by it, ty tho!

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She made a template maybe you can copy and paste in your script.

What is her link ???

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