Moving the overlay with the person without the moving background

Does anyone know how to move an overlay car with the person in the car without the moving background I would love some advice


It would be something like this:

EXT. ABBEY GARDEN - DAY with CAR SIDE PINK to 1.000 100 100 in zone 1 at layer 1
@YOU is spot 50 100 in zone 1 at layer 0
&overlay CAR SIDE PINK shifts to 250 100 in 5 #The 5 is how long the shift will take.
@YOU walks to spot 200 100 in 5 and YOU is idle #Adding the idle or a similar action will have the character just slide instead of the default walk.
#These were just made up numbers; you’ll need to find your actual start and stop points using the overlay and spot directors.

So basically you just shift the overlay and character at the same rate through the scene.

Just pick where you want both to start and both to end using the spot and overlay helper and set them to the same length of time.


Thank you, thank you I will definitely give this a try

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Did it work?? :slight_smile:

Yeah of course

Of course! Glad it worked and cheers to @Purple_Ghost for responding. Closing thread :v: