Moving the speech bubble while walking and talking LL

Hey guys! is there a way to make your speech bubble move when your characters are talking while walking to a spot? or make it look like they’re walking and have the background move behind them? I’ve been trying to figure it out and I just can’t! I know how to make them walk and talk at the same time but I don’t like how the speech bubble just stays at one spot while the characters move. Any tips would be appreciated :disappointed_relieved:

the only way I can think is to create an overlay of the speechbubble and move it along with the character


for making background move behind them you can use looping background. There are some added from episose directly in the portal or you can create your own using overlays.

The way to really move the speachbubble is also possible only by turning it to an overlay.


I’ll try both, thank you!

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