"Moving Waves" effect to a still background!


Hello there!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have rolling waves on a still picture? If you know how to create this effect, please let me know!

May :grin:


Ok so I know how you would do this I just don’t know how to code it…


You would need some flat waves overlays. And you would have to type code in to get them flowing… I can get you the flat waves overlay but you would need someone to do the coding… I think @Episode-Diamonds can do this. Idk for sure, when I was with them I thought they used to do something like this. You might want to message them and see if they can do it.


Okay I will! Thank you @MadisonW!


Do you think you could share the flat waves overlay with me please? I would really appreciate it! :smile:


You will have to give me a few minutes because I will have to make them up!


Okay! Thank you so much!


Will you need waves for the morning, sunset, and night background, or just night time?


I was thinking that I might use them in the future so maybe all three? If that’s too much I completely understand!


Not at all! It will just take a little bit longer but like 1 hour tops.


Okay! That’s perfect!


Also can you send me those backgrounds too?




Here you go!


Ok here they are!

Flat Waves


If you are wanting a lot of waves you will have to save these images a few different times. Also NOTE: DO NOT SCREENSHOT THESE, SAVE THEM SO THEY STAY PNG. Also it is ok with the sand because if the tides are kind of rolling the sand will appear to be the sand on the other side. To Sum Up The Sand There Won’t Fase Anything


And if you ever need more overlays/art go to my thread Here


Hey, I was wondering if you could send them separately please? My computer is recognizing them as one!


Yes of course!