Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry ~ RP ~ OFFICAL THREAD


In a hidden realm, far from ours…lives a School Of Magic! I, Mr. Flamel, am the headmaster of this school. Certain students have decided to train their magic, or learn it. Mag-borns are students born with the magical abilities. Non-mag are students who were born ordinary humans. Some non-mag wish to learn. I accepted them. Throughout the year, they will face challenges. And even the Writchard Games (credit to @hey.twilla). But we won’t be talking about that right now.


Well, hello there! And welcome to the Official Roleplay Thread of Mr. Flamel’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I like to shorten it to M.F.S.W.W. Anyways, certain rules apply. They will be later in the topic. If you have not signed up, but wish to join, please check out my sign-up thread and do not talk about submitting or signing up here.


  • Please be kind to other roleplayers and me, the host.
  • I will create events and challenges and plots throughout this roleplay, your character(s) cannot change it and must react it to it.
  • You only have to be active once a day. If you have any problems, (flight, family reunion, etc…) please tell me before through a PM and I will understand.
  • If players are inactive without reason, their character(s) shall be played by other more active roleplayers.
  • When you are out of the story, please use OOC (Out of character) or ORP (Out of roleplay).
    If you break any of these rules, I will send a warning. If you break them again, another warning. A third time: you’re automatically kicked out of this roleplay. I like to call it “Three Strikes And You’re Out”.

Now, sorry for all the pressure, let’s enjoy this as much as we can!


Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry ~ SIGN UP THREAD ~ RP
Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry ~ SIGN UP THREAD ~ RP

Mr. Flamel

I arrived through the Golden Hall of Mirrors with a group of students following me. I entered The Grand Room. I walked on the stage. The students sat on their seats. I said: “This year will be difficult, but no matter what happens, I will be of your assistance.” Everyone clapped. I introduced the staff.

  • Mrs. Pilton - Wand Practice
  • Mr. Sanlans - Potions
  • Mr. Jameth - History Of Magic
  • Mrs. Katleese - Beast Training
  • Mr. Flamel - Magic Learning/Training
  • Mrs. Bartmyth - Sports And Health

I called the new students to stage. They each had a few words to say.

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Elianna Richards

Ellie walked up to the stage and confidently stood there, proud and quite fearless."I would just like to say that I am very thankful to be here."She says confidently."I also am very happy to be here learning about very magical things, and I hope everyone enjoys it here as much as I already do."She says, smiling. She waves at the many students below her and walks off.


Olivia Wilson

She leaned back in her seat as she saw students getting up to talk on stage. First day of school. First thing to do: Don’t embarrass yourself, and going up on that stage will be the number one way to embarrass yourself. She thought, not looking the girl who had just walked on, but she was confused as to how this girl thought it was a good idea to get on that stage.

Approachable, sort of

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Cindy was the next to go onstage. She stood up as the first student who had spoke sat down. Smoothing down her dainty white and blue dress, she walked to the stage, her white Fairy Jane pumps click-clacking against the floor. She stood at the podium, clearing her throat.

“Hello, my fellow good witches and wizards! It is such a delight to meet you guys!” she smiled brightly, one so bright you could notice one of the students covering their eyes. “I hope, hope, hope we can all get along, differences aside!” Cindy began to walk off of the stage just before approaching the podium once again.

“Oh, and my name’s Cindy Ella White! My parents named me after Cinderella!” she gushed, almost boasting. She walked off of the stage finally, sitting back down in her seat.

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Mr. Flamel

I looked at the first few students step up. They were all different in a fun way. From a confident girl to a girl from the Royal Kingdom. I was thinking about the roommates. I randomly chose them. On the list, I noticed two girls. Darcy Raven Black and Cindy Ella White. I was going to put them together…anyways… back to the students.


Hugo Philips

Hugo waited in his seat with excitement. ‘First day of school. The first day of meeting people. I hope I’ll get friends. I hope I won’t be useless.’ He thought with a smile on his face. Once he was called onto the stage, he walked up there. He stumbled, but quickly caught his balance. He chuckled nervously before waving to the crowd. He felt somewhat out of place, simply wearing common clothing and seeming rather average. “Hi, I’m Hugo. I’m kinda new to this so, uh, I hope we can be friends.” He said with a small wave. Thinking there wasn’t much else to say, he quickly walked off-stage.

Technically approachable?


I was uncomfortable being in this new school. I wasn’t comfortable being around people, but I knew this place was safe. And this place could help me with getting better with magic. I was a bit annoyed about having to go onstage and say a couple things. “Hey people… I’m Sofia. This place seems like it is interesting. Hopefully everyone enjoys this place.” I walked back and sat down in my seat just waiting for this to be over so I could get some sleep.


I was super excited about going to this school. I had dreamed about this moment my whole life. I will learn magic and I will prove that I am not the youngest of my family that is not allowed to do magic because she can’t be trusted because she is too young but a witch that can harness the power of magic to achieve great things. I walk up on the stage. “My name is Penelope and I have been dreaming of this moment for my whole life. I hope to make lots of great friends and learn as much magic as possible.” I walk back to my seat.

Technically approachable


Mr. Flamel

I watched the students walk on and talk. They each had “hope you’ll be my friend” and a “I’m so glad to be here” speech. I was happy that they were encouraged. But, after Penelope nobody came. I called Daniel.

Daniel Skye Walters

I was called by Mr. Flamel. I was happy because without him I wouldn’t dare to walk up. I was shy. Yes, my appearances make others think I’m strong & confident but no. I walked up with red cheeks and said: “Hey everybody. I’m Daniel. I’m happy to be here. To overcome challenges. To meet a great wizard king; Mr. Flamel. I hope we’ll get along.” And I walked off to go sleep back in my seat.

Callie Collonwold

I sat next to two boys. Hugo, and Lucky. They seemed nice. I leaned back in my seat like others to watch the new students walk up. I wanted to go up! So bad! I’m confident, and I so want to share with others. I guess I just had to sit and wait.


Hugo Phillips

Hugo looked to the girl who had sat near him. He faced her and poked her on the shoulder to get her attention. Once she was looking at him, he waved at her and offered a friendly smile. ‘She seems cool. Maybe we’ll become friends?’ He thought. “Hi. I’m Hugo. What’s your name?” He asked in a whisper.



Lucky was late, as always barely making it inside the school. He watch as all these people said pretty much the same thing. Lucky is know to be friendly but his mom made him go to this “wanna be school” and Lucky didn’t like this one bit.
He watched as nobody went up. guess it’s my turn? he thought heading up, notching how people was looking at his Clothes “My name is Lucky. I know some of you came from a stupidly rich family, and I know I’m not one of them.” He stated pointing at what he was wearing.
“But I don’t care how rich you are…” He took a breath. “I will becoming the strongest one here!” He yelled walking to the other people.
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Callie Collonwold

The boy I sat next to waved and asked for my name. I said with a smile: “Hi, I’m Callie. What’s your name?” He seemed nice.

Mr. Flamel

I was surprised at seeing a boy named Lucky. He wasn’t wearing the school uniform, in fact, he was wearing some weird robe. Eh, there isn’t a dress code here.

Daniel Skye Walters

I sat next to a girl named Penelope. She went recently and she was nice. I said: “Hi, I’m Daniel.” to her.


Hugo Phillips

“I’m Hugo.” He responded with a big smile. He then looked to the stage when a guy named Lucky for on. ‘Wow, he’s got a huge ego. Good for him.’ He thought with a smile. He then returned his attention to Callie. “Have you known you were a witch all your life or did you just learn recently?” He asked.



Callie Collonwold

I responded to him: “My father was a wizard master that knew Mr. Flamel. They were good friends. He knew the latest techniques. He trained me his whole life. He died three years ago. My mother who is also a witch thought it was best to bring me here. What’s YOUR story?”


Daniel Skye Walters

I could tell that after “Lucky”’s speech, everyone thought: “He has a big ego.” I laughed a little.

Mr. Flamel

“If you have not gone yet, please go right now.” I spoke loudly.

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Hugo Phillips

Hugo listened closely to Callie, frowning a little when she said that her father had died. “Mine isn’t as intense as yours. I only learned recently that I was a wizard. I always just thought I was a regular kid, y’know?” He said. “But it turns out my mom was a witch. And she thought I was not. But apparently I am.” He smiled brightly. “Hopefully I’ll be okay at this magic stuff.” He added nervously.



Callie Collonwold

I listened to Hugo carefully. “Of course you’ll be great! You just need to concentrate.” I said to him to reassure him. I changed the topic quickly: “My dad told me about this super cool thing! It’s called The Writchard Games. I don’t know much about it, but it includes sports and teams. Are you into athletics?”

Mr. Flamel


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Hugo Phillips

Hugo shrugged a little. “I am. Not very good at them though.” He said with a smile. “What do you suppose The Writchard Games are really? Besides just a sport with teams.” He asked, titling his head a little like a dog.



Callie Collonwold

I shrugged. “We could head to the library after to learn about it. What do you think? And I love the library here, it’s so cool! I love reading, sorry.” I said. “Oop, sorry. I think I should go give a speech. Bye!” I said walking off.