Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry ~ RP ~ OFFICAL THREAD


ORP: Yes. Please use ORP.


ORP: Okay so… can I get a reply?


ORP: Yes, soon. Please be mindful that i’m busy.


ORP: yeah i understand that, i get busy too, but when u say ‘yeah’ i assumed you were going to do it since you never said otherwise


ORP: I think I’m going to drop out. I’ve been busy and I haven’t been checking the forums, sorry. It’s not really that I lost interest, more of really I don’t have time.


I’m canceling this Roleplay. Too many dropouts.

@Jeremy @Sydney_H I’m sorry, I made a mistake on the earlier thread.


Orp: oh… :open_mouth:


ORP: I told @SilverStar she could recreate this…


Orp: ok, but someone is also making a magic school… and @SilverStar join that…


ORP: Who?


Orp: @EmilyTheWitch


ORP: I didn’t want to make Hogwarts, so I got Nicolas Flamel from the first movie to make this. I’d didn’t know she copied me.


Someone’s already going to recreate it? I kinda wanted to. :pensive:


Sure you can


Talk with @SilverStar


@hey.twilla if you want you can recreate it!


I would like to, but not atm tho. If you recreate it I can just be a co-creator or something!