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Roosevelt Worth’s Journal
Today was the first day. A phoenix was at my door, and I went on his back and flew away! I was over the mountains. A glamorous sight. Despite the vues, I arrived to a large building where they handed me a notebook. The headmaster, Mr. Flamel, said: “In here, write your experiences, for others to know.” The journal was an important object at this school.
Luna Moore’s Journal
After I received my journal, I headed down a hall and into my dorm. Two bunk beds were already set, and I was on top of the first. Three other girls arrived WITH NO WANDS. They said they used magic with their hands. They were born like that.

My school not only teaches you, but challenges you to prove your worthiness. Death may be in your future.
Welcome student, to Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

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New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]
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I like it! It’ll definitely be in the storyline.


ooh this seems so cool! i’ll sign up for this later :slight_smile:


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Sorry, I don’t do reservations :pensive: Tbh, I never really understood them anyways. But you can sign up!


To everybody, this is just a sign up thread. So don’t worry about replying too much :slight_smile:


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I am creating slides rn…


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I forgot to put this in the form; I need your faceclaims!

Faceclaims are links to a picture of a person you want to look like. It cannot be a drawing.

So, basically, find a picture on google or something of a person you wish to look like. PM me your faceclaim.

PS: @hey.twilla I need both faceclaims :wink:


@Miss_Moonlight I have a good challenge idea that’s REALLY long, so I was wondering if I could just pm you the idea instead, cause I don’t want to send it on the form and it says I have too many characters or something. Plus, I feel like it would be easier for you to read it here since it’s a very long (and probs complicated) process. c: