Mulan 2020 what are yours thoughts?

Has anyone watched the new Mulan, please if you are going to add spoilers blur them out like this

Warning spoiler!!

spoiler here

Anyway, I had heard a lot of mixed reviews both bad and good. So I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, especially with it not containing music and missing 1 of my favourite characters.

But honestly I really enjoyed it, I thought it was wonderfully done portrayed the story beautifully. I thought the characters were brilliant, there were one or two bits I missed from the original but over all I thought it was a brilliant film. What are your thoughts?


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I didn’t like the fact she was already fully skilled from the start, I missed watching her character learn and grow strong with the other soldiers.

I saw the movie, it was okay I guess.

I agree I wish they showed her growth.

But I heard some rumors about the cast shooting where they were holding hostages near by.

It rubbed me the wrong way but I don’t know it is true.

Some parts were so cringey to watch :joy::sob:


I do agree some parts were cringey lol :joy: and it’s no where near as good as the original, but I still enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Personally I thought it was ok. I mean it will never ever be as good as the first one if you take out the songs and the best character!

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Agreed :joy: I really missed the music and a fantastic character :weary::joy:

i dint watch it because there was no Mushu

I think it was actually really well done.

Maybe that’s because I was extremely disappointed by live-action “Beauty and the Beast” (DARN AUTOTUNE OMFG… I COULD RANT FOREVER ABOUT EMMA WATSON’S SINGING AND THAT FRIGGIN DRESS… That dress had so much potential!) and “Aladdin” (weird stop-motion running and Robin Williams is the OG).

I didn’t mind that there was no Mushu (and I really thought I would), but I think they really outdid themselves. The only thing that didn’t really click for me was the entire “witch” (the female antagonist) because women were considered outcasts yet this one was completely powerful and used chi in a way that Mulan couldn’t (even with powerful chi).

This was one of the better live-action movies and I think it actually has a spot right between “Maleficent” and “Cinderella”. My sister hates all of the live-action movies but has been watching this one on repeat.

Plus, the brand new version of Shang was top tier. :ok_hand: I loved it and it was funny. Cricket was my favorite character. :sparkles:

Overall: 8.5/10
Not a ten because of the cringe at the beginning, but it got progressively better.

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