Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)



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Each template has different label/goto’s so that you can customize more than 1 character in an episode.
NOTE: They are each organized and contain ALL the new and original assets!

Instructions for adding the template to your script:
1- When you are in the doc, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard (Cmd + A for Macs) to highlight the entire template
2- Copy & Paste the template into your script
3- Highlight “FEMALEAVATAR” or “MALEAVATAR” in your script
4- Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (Cmd + F for Macs)
5- A small grey box will pop up, click on ALL first!
6- Type in your character’s name in all caps


1st INK Female: CLICK HERE
2nd INK Female: CLICK HERE
3rd INK Female: CLICK HERE
4th INK Female: CLICK HERE
5th INK Female: CLICK HERE
6th INK Female: CLICK HERE



1st LL Female: CLICK HERE
2nd LL Female: CLICK HERE
3rd LL Female: CLICK HERE
4th LL Female: CLICK HERE
5th LL Female: CLICK HERE
6th LL Female: CLICK HERE


To add in the option to type in your own name: CLICK HERE

To add family members, twins, or duplicate characters to the template: CLICK HERE

For LIMITED Customization: CLICK HERE

If you are getting an error message saying that “no eyebrows” exist (or any other feature doesn’t exist), these are the 3 reasons why you would be getting that error:

  1. The system does not recognize the character name. You either didn’t change the template’s name to your own character’s name, you misspelled your character’s name, or you have not created that character yet.
  2. You are using a male character in a female template (and vise versa)
  3. You are using an INK template in a Limelight story (and vise versa)

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Oh my gosh, you’re legendary. Definitely look forward to looking at these in the future. I’m primarily and INK writer right now, but I’m glad the Limelight script is here waiting for me when I finally do switch over. Thank you so much!


So saving this page forever!


Hi! I want to use your customization templates, but is it okay if I change it a bit? Cause I just want a limited customization for my story, but don’t worry, I’ll still give you credits though.


Of course go ahead :blush:


Thank you so much! I’m lazy af, and you’re a life saver! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


it says the eyebrows dont exist. what do i do


You need to change the template’s character name to your own character’s name, and make sure that character exists (meaning you created that character in character settings).



my apologies, it worked.


No worries! Glad it’s working now!


I’m having an issue with the code, it says the eyebrows Classic Natural don’t exist. It won’t let me preview that episode.




So are these correct?




Your character’s name is YOU, so change the character name in the template to YOU


Thank you so much! It works perfectly now.


thank you so much!!!


Hello! I´m having an error with my character customization process. Everything at this point is good except for this slight error. When i go to preview my customization process, I can pick something and it will be on my character but when I go to move on to the next thing it says, Narrator: Choose a hairstyle.
This goes for all of the character features meaning hair color nose eyebrows hairstyle skin color eyes eyecolor lip color lip shape etc… I think it because of the goto parts.
Please get back to me very quickly thank you.

  • Drea