Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


Ohh okk :joy::joy:


it keeps telling me that female_end1 does not exist what do I do?


You must have deleted the end section


I got it lol thank you (:


I’m working on my first story and I’ve used Dara.Amarie template btw thank you so much it helped. When I look at the episode on my phone, everything is good. When I restart the episode again I noticed that my character that I used has a different hairstyle and lip color not the ones from my character that I created. Does anyone know why this is happening?


I didn’t exactly used the whole template just some hairstyles and all of the lip colors.


Everything works except for this;
could you help me out?


you need label female_custom1 on the very beginning of the customisation


could you give a exact example where? sorry, i’m just still confused.


can you post the screenshot of the very first lines of your script? (where customisation start)


here you go


don’t mind the X, i fixed the problem there just didn’t save yet


add label female_custom1 before
What do you look like?


you fixed it, thank you so much!


Can you please do one where it is Female Limelight and you have like Ink Female hairstyles?! Thank you if you can!!


This is not possible. INK features are only for the INK style, and Limelight features are only for the Limelight style.


Ok, I saw a template in a story and thought you could make it…


Sweet crispy baby Jesus you’re literally a saint for this.


Hi, I have copied and pasted the script but the classic eyebrows says it dont exist…