Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


You’re missing this label on the very beginning of the customization

add a label boy_custom_1 at the beginning


So apparently I’m the only one with this issue…I’ve tried to change it and add ‘{’ but it still gave new errors. why


Add a closing bracket at line 61 }


I think that worked. Thank you! Although, another error popped up about…another ending ‘}’? hmm


Line 60 - {
Line 62 - }


I copied and pasted it but I keep getting the label “female_custom_1” does not exist. I deleted everything and copied and pasted again but keep getting the same warning.


You need add this label at the beginning of the customisation


How do I fix eyebrow does not exist?


That’s in the top post :slight_smile:


I tried to follow the option to add name. In the script do I just copy and paste

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

Or is it something different?


In () you need to put display name of your character (you need to test it on the app)


Test it in the preview or post the story to see if it lets you choose?


in the app preview


It asks the question but doesn’t let me type a name and continues on with the story


like I said you have to test it on your phone app, it’s not working in the web preview


I tried multiple times I just started writing and I really want to use this template but it’s saying nothing exsists and I’m getting frustrated😭


Did you check this?


Yea but Still nothing


It just says everything doesn’t exsist


Double check