Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


This is a typo of my mistake. Just remove the “d” from “squared” so that it’s Square Defined


My keyboard won’t do Ctrl + F, its giving me a head ache, need help .+.




Hello, the only thing that doesn’t seem to work for me is that I’m getting a warning that none of the labels exist. I know you might have already answered this but it’s kinda difficult for me to look through all these comments and find someone that had the same problem as I am having.


delete the script and paste again, you must’ve delete the labels


I haven’t deleted the labels, I copied and pasted it exactly as it is. The only thing I took out was the spot location of the character.


if the errors tells you that they don’t exist that’s mean they are not there


If you’re getting warning messages saying no labels exist, then you must have put the template inside of a choice or if/elif/else code, in which case labels cannot be inside brackets. You will have to paste the template outside of the choice or if/elif/else code.


Okay, that actually makes more sense, thank you!


Hey, not sure if this has been answered yet & I’m sorry if it has! But I’m getting an error saying they eyebrows “Arched Natural” doesn’t exist :thinking: I can’t see why it won’t work, I triple checked the spelling :thinking::sweat_smile:



Thank you so much! :smiley:




I put this template inside of a choice branching and I keep getting an error saying there’s a { without a matching }, but the { that is getting flagged is the one I need to make a choice, and where the appropriate } SHOULD go isn’t working to fix the problem. Idk what to do!


Read this:

CC template can NOT go inside of choices or if, elif, else statements.

Your template should not be inside of a choice, it should be outside of it : )

Who has a LL template for customaziation with the new stuff

Limelight templates have been UPDATED once again!


I’m sorry, I’m a newbie, may I know what is the difference between the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth LL Female?



Thx a lot