Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)



i have an error that says “unexpected character: YOU”, and all of the options are in red. send help? i can’t send a picture nor can i link my picture, so i’m really in a rut right now.


This didn’t help.


Can you copy and paste just a few lines from your script where the error is at?


Did you check to see if you did any of those 3 things?


Yes, I checked multiple times.


Okay can you click on the tiny black arrow next to line 31 to open up the customization template and then take a screenshot of it



Is your story in Limelight?
What character is being customized?


yes; the character ME is being customized


Is the character ME on the list of characters to the right of your script?




Can you send a pic of where the error is actually at, and also where you can see ME on the list of characters to the side.



You need to change FEMALEAVATAR to ME


Yes, I realized that. Now it’s saying this.


It means you deleted that label


Yes I realized but, Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it!



So, what's my look?

"Go to the vanity"

goto YOU_customise

label YOUcustomise

“Skin Tone” }
goto bodyColor_0
}“Hair” {
goto hair_0
}“Eyes” {
goto eyes_0
}“Eyebrows” {
goto brows_0
}“Face Shape”{
goto face_0
}“Nose” {
goto nose_0
}“Mouth” {
goto mouth_0
} “This is perfect!” {
goto avatar_end

all of the choices in the “” are in red. they’re all constant throughout the entire template.


hold on, i think the options ARE supposed to be red. my bad. i fixed it on my own after looking through the forum. thanks, regardless!