Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


I am completely confused


With what?


What do you label the character’s name when you gave your readers the option of deciding the name?
If that makes sense


I need help I even changed the name to Female avatar to try to fix it but I am getting the error that an eyebrow don’t exist.


You have to change the name female avatar to your characters name


Thanks I got it figured out!


I am confused because it is saying there is an error with the classic natural eyebrow. “No eyebrows called Classic Natural exist.” I have checked more than once and yes it is the correct name, the character does exist, it is spelled correctly and I have the right template. What could be another issue? Also, It is not letting me preview.

Here is the segment that has an error:

Eyebrow shapes.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Classic Natural”{
@NAME changes eyebrows into Classic Natural
goto fem_brows1


Is your story INK or Limelight?
Is character NAME on the list of characters to the right of your script?


Since I add this template in a choice, I replace “first_label_in_template” with the actual first label of the template, but after replacing it, something like this comes out :point_up_2:t2:
Anyone help please :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Can you help me fix my cc template please it’s not working


“first_label_of_template” was to be replaced with the first label, not replace the first label with that.

The first label of that template (which you removed) was label female_custom_1

So goto first_label_of_template needs to change into goto female_custom_1


Please be sure that you read the original post first


Hello Dara! I have a question.
I already have made an custumization, but I had only few options. Now I’d like to change it to a complete custumization. I checked your templates and they are amazing.
But it says @FEMALEAVATAR on all options. Do I have to change it to my main characters name? Or is there a trick how I can just copy and paste without messing it up?
Thank you in Advance.



I’ll give you the credit on my Story. Thank you again!



Thx a lot


But after I made the changes, this occurs👆🏻
What do I do?


Did you add that label at the end of the template?


It is limelight, and yes it is.


You’re using an INK template.