Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


alright thanks for the help though!



[Limelight] Smile for the Camera
[Limelight] Smile for the Camera

Majority of the labels are not working, its either telling me to duplicate it or it does not exist. However i checked and they are all there i also re copy and pasted a near 100 times lmao. i need help. :joy:


You cannot use the same template more than once in a single episode. That’s the point of this thread and that is why I created 6 of each template so that you do not get duplicate labels.


Ohhhhh that makes way more sense, thank you heaps!


Thank you so much for updating!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Did you delete everything after that?


no the code still there.


You shouldn’t be getting that error unless you edited or removed something in the template. Delete then copy and paste it again


it still says the same thing even when i delete everything and copy and paste it again.



Firstly thank you for the templates, will be sure to say its yours when I publish my new story.

Secondly - it’s the first time I’m doing a customisation - is there anything I need to put in every other scene/episode to make sure what the reader selected is still the same? i.e. do I need to put the label or anything or will it automatically remember it? I bet this is a really simple question but thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Did you delete everything after that? Because that would be the reason why you’re getting that error.


The customized character will stay customized through out your whole story.


Perfect thank you :slight_smile:
I found it on another chat after I asked - stupid me! haha

Thank you for replying though


Can I request for a small template. No customization or anything, I just wanted a character to shed a tear.


Can someone help me figure this one out please? I’m lost :confused:
Thanks in advance! :blush:


I’m getting an error that says, "There is a { on line 497 that does not have a matching }


Never mind, fixed it!