Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


Try to reset zoom


I keep getting an error message saying The label "Fem_skin_1 does not exist. How do I fix it?


You need a goto fem_skin_1 for it : )


I do have goto fem_skin_1


Thank you so much, goodness you’re a life saver. :hearts:


I mean goto Fem_skin_1

Sorry, forgot to capitalize the F :sweat_smile:

Your label needs to share the exact same name as your goto (the one it leads to)

I blame it on my fever for making this mistake :face_with_thermometer:


How did u fix it? I’m still confused!:weary:


I know this sounds a bit stupid since I’m quite new but I just don’t really get this part?


Highlight FEMALEAVATAR , then when that grey box in the corner appears, click on All , then type in the new name you want, which would be DAWN


Hello, I’m having some trouble with making the family members look like my main character, I did the template of the female LL (tysm for that!) then at the end did:
@MUM becomes CHLOE
@MUM changes hair into Small Bun
@MUM changes eyes into Deepset mature
@MUM changes face into Square mature
@MUM changes lips into Medium thin
@MUM changes lipColor into Deep red gloss

@JENNY changes hair into Long Double Dutch Braids
@JENNY changes lips into Full Heart Pouty
@JENNY changes nose into Grecian soft
@JENNY changes eyebrows into Arched Natural

But it keeps up coming up with warnings saying that @_____ changes _____ into _______ is not a valid writing command


Okay so I have done the whole change @FEMALEAVATAR to the characters name you want the readers to change but its still coming up with “no eyebrows called Medium angled exist” + other features. So does anyone know why this is happening?


tysm you’re the best person ever like i really needed it and i chose someone elses template at first just for hair and lip color but it didnt work and i was really needing it to work so tysmmmmmm bro ty


Thank you so much, this is amazing! :heart_eyes:


Thank you angel!


Hi, I have a questions. What do I do when the error on my script say No bodyColor called Netural 00 exists


This is probably why:


Well I am actually not able to type in my characters name it takes me to the place i had written the name and I did what you said so I am confused? Thank you you’ve helped me a lot though:)


Hey Miss Queen, do you think you can make one for female characters ink for the readers only to be available to change: Eye Shape; Almond classic/downturned bold/ upturned feline and the Lip Shapes; Full round/classic/blossom and Nose shapes; upturned/elven ??? Please? :blush:


It says female_custom_1 doesnt exist, why? Please help me!


You need this label on the top of the customisation