Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


You are FAST! Thank you!!



If I want to remove some features of MC like the mouth then place it back again and then remove hair and then place it back again…is there a code to do this? Or must I create many characters and remove their features manually?

My story is like a horror nightmare so the MC like has a nightmare where she wont have a mouth then eyes etc etc.

Is there a code to do this or must I create multiple characters and used this template? Because it does feel tedious if need to create multiple chracters though…since hair style and colour can be change with coding commands…then if removing features are there commands for it too?


What’s the difference with all the different templates though?

1st LL
2nd LL

They have the same codings and choices… I’m abit new at this…


the only difference are labels, so you can use all 6 in one episode, otherwise you would get a warning about duplicate labels


Better add a twin :slight_smile:


Thanks!! Oh… because it’s only for 1 short scene though…the MC doesnt have a twin…There is really no remove features code unlike changing hair colour etc code?


you can, but if you’re using customisation it’s better to create a twin. Unless you’re using this before it?


Using before it?
As in?

I use the customisation on the MC though…


I meant the scene where you want to change features. If you remove/change them after customization, there’s no way to come back to what reader has chosen.


oh there isn’t? I thought there might be some reset code or something…even when there’s customisation

My plan is

  1. From the MC itself with no clone twin, imply use the commands to remove and add back those features (after customisation)

  2. MC + 5 twins (all after customisation). One twin will not have eyes. Another will not have mouth etc. So it’ll be as though MC has lost all these features in the nightmare whereas in fact I did not alter the MC …I just created the twins. Is this a better idea?


Actually, I just remembered :sweat_smile:, you can try to use preview/unpreview command

@CHARACTER previews feature style/color

When you ready, just remove it:

@CHARACTER unpreviews feature style/color

For example:
@CHARACTER previews mouthColor Bubblegum Pink
@CHARACTER unpreviews mouthColor Bubblegum Pink


Ohh I didnt know there is such a thing! Ill try it.

Will this work even after readers customise the characters?

How about the coding for these?


The preview codings work fine but if I want to remove the mouth completely? And then add back in…this is a bit difficult since it will be after readers customise their characters though :frowning:


Sorry, but for this you’ll need to create a twin


Roger. Thank you Apes :smiley:


Do you think you could make them with zooms if possible? Absolutely no problem if not, I love them how they are but I would love to have them w/ zooms x


hello, can you make more male LL customization? I have 8 males in my story I need 2 more :frowning:


oh okay, I handled it :smiley:


Hey all

Is there a way to make my character name replace the @ MALEAVATAR?



I have tried this but it doesn’t changes
Only yhe one that I highlighted changes