Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


try again :slight_smile: make sure you leave it highlighted while pressing Ctrl +F


Bad for me.
I dont know whats going on :expressionless::expressionless:
Still the same


You have to follow steps 3-6 in order. First highlight the name “MALEAVATAR”, then press ctrl + F, then click on ALL, then type in the name.


Aaaa thank you…:kissing_heart:


Hey!! Dara.Amarie!! :slight_smile:

Will you be adding the latest hairstyles that were just added? I don’t want to rush you or anything… I was just wondering

please let me know.


They’re all already updated.


Hello! Can i have a Limelight female custom where you can chose everything but where you remove all the natural hair colors and only leave the dye hair colors in the custom?


OH great!! Awesome!!


Hey! I used the 1st limelight customization option and its telling me try putting “choice” or “{ to }” and i already have those things and it still doesnt work ;-; i dont know what to do… please help me.


what do you mean click all first? I understand the rest, but not that :smile:


i’m having a problem with typing the names

i put in the code for my female customisation then the code for typing in the name. After that i put in a character customisation for a male and when i play it in the app, every time i press done after choosing a option it resets to the start of the male customisation


Hi, I don’t know how to turn a character in the code. Can you please help me?


Thanks for this! Why’d you put 2nd,3rd,etc instead of just one? :thinking:


One template for each character to customize.

You can’t use the same template for 2+ characters because if multiple labels.


Hey! Could you make a template for a limelight female where the only limited things are skin tones( just the one’s categorized as medium) and hair (thats only in the dark category) but everything else be unlimited? And I know that I’m being annoying but if you would also, a male limelight template that only has dark skin tones and dark hair but the reader can customize everything else. I would really really appreciate it but if you’re too busy I totally get it!


Will credit when used thank you so much for keeping an updated list!


Ok this is probably a dumb question but once i use this template is that it or do i have to put something in for each episode to keep the characters looking like how the reader picked?


The template is all you need. Once customized, it’ll remember the character’s look for the rest of the story (same with character outfits).


This isn’t working! Whenever I highlight FEMALEAVATAR and type 8n my character’s name, it stays as FEMALEAVATAR. Please help!


Did you:

  1. Highlight the name of your character.

  2. Press Ctrl+F (Or Command+F on Mac Books).

  3. Press “ALL” in the box that appears in the corner.

  4. Click the text box in the corner and change the name to the name you have for your character.

If so, you should see all “FEMALEAVATAR” labels changed to “(Your character’s name.)”.