Multiple Characters Customization Wheel

I need help with finding a character customization wheel, if there’s one that even exists for character customization.
( eg. from Joseph Evans [] )
If not, if there’s anyway I could have someone make me a template like that but for 4 characters and for customization in Limelight that would be wonderful (if possible)!

Thanks so much :blush:

this is the template, you just need to add labels and customisation

The template was in the description.

Whoops I should’ve clarified my request! What I meant was if there’s any pre-made templates like the one referenced already out there, and if not, if anyone could help by making one or by offering tips as to how to make it myself as i’m not the best with directing!

Thanks again :blush:

Yes i’m aware, I should’ve clarified my request, my mistake! Thanks though :smiley:

Thank you, I was aware of the template, i’m just not the best with directing :sweat_smile: Hence why I asked if anyone could make one :blush: but if you have any tips, it would help lots!

So you want one that’s a replica of the video but for 4 characters?

Yes, and with customization :slight_smile:

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