Multiple choice ads broken

The adverts that give you a choice between two different adverts almost always fail to end properly, either going to a blank white screen or displaying the no advert available message.
(Galaxy a21s)

And the mike miers advert has no exit. Need to crash out to leave

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“Option 1 here”{

#Option 1 content here.

} “Option 2” {

#Option 2 content here.

} “Option 3” {

#Option 3 content here.


@Anodine when the screen goes blank, have you tried leaving it for a few minutes? Sometimes ads used to leave me on a blank screen too and then the story would work after waiting for a few minutes.

tbh im not too sure if that account is a bot or not (the person who made this post)

I am definitely not a bot!

I’ll try it, but patience isnt my strong suit hehe

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We’re still on 23.62 right?

I’m an iOS user so I’m not really familiar with the version numbers for android devices (if that’s what you’re referring to?). :face_with_peeking_eye:

Ive no idea about ios version numbers, as im fully android

Oh sorry about that.

No worries:)

And yes. 23.62 is the latest android version. Dont know about i thingies

I am completely and sadly, human, thank you very much

It’s being a dick, you can say it…