Multiple ending stories?


For me, I don’t need multiple endings to make a great story, but I have enjoyed (am enjoying) some amazing stories with multiple endings.

The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
Detenu by @J.Miley
Ghostwriter by @EliseC
Cyberstalk by @EliseC

Not complete, but supposed to have multiple endings.
Moonlit Feathers by @wincyyellow
Dead Roses by @Beeble_Hope
Chicanery by @J.Miley
The Infected by @Caitoriri


I love multiple-endings stories and I really enjoy reading them. I like that I have to be more aware of what I choose because the choices actually matters.


You’re so sweet. Thank you for recommending my story!




What’s the code to Daniellas computer?


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OMG! That’s such a plot twist, though :joy:


My favorite is Brozoned by Mette M. Peleikis :slight_smile: I’ve read the story twice because it’s that good. You can choose from 2 different love interests and in the end you make choices about your family, friendships, career, and fame.



This is the first time my stories have been on a rec list and I am just so tickled :sweat_smile::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much!!!


Honestly It depends, like in story where your choices depend on saving your life and all of that I actually LOVE those but yeah

A gooooooooood story that is spotlight is

Maternal Interests - By I believe Elise C


Absolutely love them, but from a coding perspective they’re a PAIN lmao. My favorites are ones that have different endings based on points you earn rather than one final choice, because then I feel like the way you play is way more impactful and I’d want to replay them. I also love when authors include a final chapter with ALL the endings.

Some fantastic multiple ending stories are:

  • Haunted: Take Me Home by Ruby L. Lee
  • Telvoikai by Corvaena
  • Instant Princess by writer.LB
  • Duemadiri VN by Corvaena


I agree, stories with points are really hard but make me want to keep on reading! Also the ones where if you get something right you get a hint! Maternal Instincts by @EliseC I think is sooooooo good. My daughter and I died at the ending because of my choice options that I chose so that was sad xD


The way Corvaena does it (Imma talk about her a lot because I’m obsessed with her visual novels lmao) is really well-implemented: Each choice you make has consistent options (‘do this to the royal’ or ‘do this to the farmers’) and then there’s a reader message after each choice that tells you how it’s impacting the points. That way you don’t feel like the ending is unwarranted and you have more control

So yeah points games are hard but if done well they’re my favorite kind of game (and least favorite kind to program, as Subverted is teaching me… :joy:)


I agree totally! Do you have any good point/mystery story suggestions?


Haunted: Take Me Home centers around a mystery as the main character tries to trace where a mysterious vision is coming from, and it lets you revisit the endings you didn’t get!

Other than that I don’t have many good mystery recs, but I will go to the grave begging people to read Duemadiri VN because the points system, art, characters, and story is sooooooo on point. To the extent where I would pay money if it ever got published/adapted. So like… read that :wink: :wink:


Thank you for recommending my story :grin:


this :ok_hand: :100:

and I would totally do the ALL ending chapter, but it wouldn’t make any sense. The story I’m working on a story that has multiple endings depending on choices, but there are some scenes you miss/see based on choices and ppl that die/live/appear based on choices, so showing all the endings won’t make much sense. But I would tell the reader what kinda ending they got based off their choices :joy: