Multiple endings & point system

Hey, everyone! I have a question related to my story: I’d like to write multiple endings based on points you gain/lose for some important characters. There is 4 of them. Is that even possible? I’ve noticed in the stories I read, there’s always two or three endings max based on, like, points earned for two Characters (or brain/heart points). I imagined it like this: I wanted to unlock an ending (a regular choice) if you have more than half of the points for that certain character, and if not, to code one of those locked choices. Is that possible with so many characters? If you have a better idea about how to do all that, please let me know. :frowning:

U don’t see more then 2-3 ending because it’s hard to have more different endings.
But you CAN have more then 3 endings but it will take LOTS of times to code it and write it. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: