Multiple LI Recommendations!

Please recommend me ACTUALLY good multiple LIs stories like The Darkness Within, Tennesee Skies, and Summer Fever. The Lis are sweet as a candy and not one is a player :sob:

Eclipsis by Victoria Masina. Hank and William are love interests and I’m pretty sure she’s going to make Alina a 3rd love interest, at least in the LL version anyway.
Mindreader by Alusza.
Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz.
I * beeping * hate you! by Daxa
Second Chances by Bx
He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers. Although I don’t know if the bf/ex bf will still be a LI by the end of the story since she hasn’t finished it yet.
Her Honour by Angel Eyes
The Wrong Side of Time by Blanca. Prince Gallien might seem like a player, but I haven’t seen him mess around with anyone. He also seems pretty interested in Mira (MC).
The Infected by Caitoriri


Thank you so much! I’ll check them out :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome!

forgetting someone?


[ cackles ]

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