Multiple overlay help needed

I need multiple 2 (sometimes more) overlays to pop up instantly in the next scene.

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Use &

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME create

or just write


I did both, but it’s still takes a split second. This is the only problem I have that really annoys me

Could you show me your code?

You can’t use the create command AND the ‘with’ command at the same time.

I got rid of that, now the overlay isn’t showing up at all

Can you show me your coding now?


And it’s saying to create in stage view first

I have no clue, but I am also sleep deprived, so maybe someone else can help you :sweat_smile: There are two things I would try:

Either take out the opacity command, since you don’t need it and see if that works.

Or, if that still doesn’t work, just remove the overlays from the background and use the ‘create’ command instead. Remember to use
&overlay NAME create
&overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0
&overlay NAME shifts to xyz

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Maybe @Apes or @Dara.Amarie will be able to help you, since it is really late in Germany right now :sweat_smile:


You have BED 2 as the overlay name next to the background name but on line 274 you used BED 2 - DAY as the name. So which one is the correct name?

But you don’t need the opacity command if you added the overlays with the background name. Overlays are already set to full opacity when added with the background.

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I got it, tysm✨

I had the same issue! It can easily be fixed by INT/EXT BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to X Y Z at LAYER in ZONE

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