Multiple posts about art shops from the same people!

hello :slightly_smiling_face: i’ve been seeing a lot of posts about art shops from the same people.

“Looking for artists!” or “_____ Art Shop!” which is totally okay! but when it’s the same person, or people, it gets kind of annoying.

they don’t have many comments on their past art shops that were made in the same week, so i guess they make a new one? i’m not sure, but i’ve seem at least 5. they could just bump their threads instead of making the same shop with a different name.

i’m not trying to be rude, but it’s not really worth it to make a whole new thread when you could bump it. and plus they always recommend it to others when the past one stop aren’t even closed.

i cannot ignore it because it pops up everyday.

again, not trying to be rude


I agree with this :sweat_smile:


Omg agreed :sob: like how many art shops u gonna make or how many threads u gonna make about the SAME art thread


Agree! Especially when they have requests from the other thread and decide to make a new thread because they got uninterested. Then make a new thread a couple hours/days later 🙍 and your only allowed to bump every 24hrs btw but still


bump :smirk_cat: