Multiple Romantic Options and the *CANON* One

I have three possible love interests in the story I’m writing and it led me to a thought. I personally prefer one of them the most. But I think all of them are valid and I want to make sure I write so that people don’t feel forced toward one specific option.

For others who have written with multiple LI, did you have a favorite? How did you make sure not to overemphasize said favorite?

For readers, have you read stories where it was obvious which LI the author thought was the best?

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In stories I’ve read which have multiple LI, I’ve found that a lot of authors have a favourite and slyly nudge you towards that character. Either by adding more “points” to be with that character, just adding more scenes with them or making them impossible to hate.

I don’t really think they mean to do it but it’s always really clear to me :sweat_smile:, I still love those stories though :))

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Oh I’ve read stories for sure where the author did not do well in hiding their favorites and I hated it tbh cus I’m not usually attracted to their favorite or whatever.

In my story, The Depths of Newport, there are 3 LIs. Since I’m a lesbian, I favor the female LI the most tbh but I don’t think it’ll be too noticeable by straight readers because if it was I’d probably get complaints about how their MC isn’t gay or something.

I wrote the story so readers can choose their sexuality and things such as romance dialogue or narration is self-contained, only appearing during LI specific scenes that readers can choose depending on what LI they decide to spend time with. That way, it doesn’t seem like the MC is attracted to a specific LI unless you, the reader, choose them to be based on choices. You can try do this if you’d like.

I think for my story, I love both of the LIs because of the people they are BUT I favour one of them just because they’re the kind of person I’d date IRL?
So try to give them the same screen time and not make one more important than the other until the time to choose is there!