Multiple tappable overlays

Hi, I need help with tappable overlays I’ve already made them tappable but its not going back to the other options

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You need to create a label first (right above the narration line for example)

Then after each tappable overlay put « goto [name of the label you’ve created) » inside the brackets :slight_smile:

(You will need one tappable that ends the loop though)


can you show me an example its not working

label tappable

Your text here.

tappable “TAP”{
goto tappable

This part isn’t working

I’m not on my computer right now, but maybe try rewriting the tappable OLs command? You can use choice and just write tappable instead, that say you’re sure there’s no error

I just did

Do you still get the error ?

on line 41 is there an open { to go with it?


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