Multipul Hair and Make-Up choices in 1 episode?

Hi everyone. I’m needing some help with my character hair and make-up customization scripts. I am using the script shared by @a.p.episode but I can’t figure out how to use it more than once without it going back to the first script without having to change all the labels (which I’m not really confident doing as I’m still a newbie).

Is there a different script template to use more than once? Or an easier way?



Here’s the thing about templates, they are awesome and useful. But sometimes people rely on them too much, instead of learning what makes up a choice command, people just copy and paste. So I recommend you do take it upon yourself to change the labels. I’ll help you.
So here we go. Here’s a sample of @Apes code:

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

label hair_and_lip

    CHARACTER (think)
(Time for makeup and hair.)

“Hairstyle” {
goto hair1
}“Lipstick” {
goto lipstick1
} “This looks good!” {
goto finish

label hair1

I’ve bolded all the label names.

Labels section off certain parts of the story by giving that section a name. And then you use the goto command to go to that sectioned off part.
Bear in mind: Labels can only exists once during an episode. If you plan to use this code twice (or more) within the same episode then you would have to change the labels. If you plan to use this once in each episode, you don’t have to change anything.
Changing label names, although tedious at times, is quite simple. You can literally just add numbers at the end of a label to make it a completely different label:

label hair_and_lip2

    CHARACTER (think)
(Time for makeup and hair.)

“Hairstyle” {
goto hair2
}“Lipstick” {
goto lipstick2
} “This looks good!” {
goto finish2

label hair2

By adding a 2 to the end of the labels, I get completely different labels.
Make sure to change both the label name on both the goto commands (goto hair2) and the actual label section (label hair2).

Simple right? Will you have to dedicate some time to it, yes. But doing this will help you grow as a director.


That sounds great! Thank you so much!
I don’t mind putting the time in, I was just worried I may stuff something up as I am still learning and haven’t done anything like this.
I will give it a try and see how I go.

Thank you so much for the reply and advice!


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Thank you for confirming this. I had the same question and I thought this is how it was done. This is so very helpful!