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Hey y’all. So I have been toying with an idea for a story but I don’t honestly know how to write a serial killer into a story without breaking guidelines.

So, Episodians who have written a murder/mystery/thriller, how do you show or describe the crime without violating the rules?

I haven’t written a murder mystery yet but I am in the process of writing a mystery/thriller book and I think as long as you don’t go into detail about the gore then it’s alright. You can show people being killed etc, and there are blood overlays but as long as it’s not too detailed its alright.

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That’s the thing I’m stuggling with-- my serial killer is a very disturbed person. Can I message you privately?

There’s a rule that Episode goes by… you can’t have three or more blood or murder related things in one scene.

Basically you cannot have: Blood, Body and Weapon, nor three blood overlays or items all in the same scene. You can only have two of them.

And large bloody wounds/overlays are not allowed either, severed body parts are also not allowed.


Do you know the extent of descriptions we’re allowed to use?
Ex: Without showing blood/body etc think knees up focus instead of full screen and the cops/detectives are discussing what’s been done?

my serial killer doesn’t dismember so much as cut people open and take an organ. He’s meant to be an obviously disturbed individual and I wouldn’t show any victims or on-screen violence other than threats and a fadeout during any part of the murder-y parts. (I say he but I haven’t really fleshed out the character enough to say he/she yet. lol)

In the first 3 episodes of my Zombie Apocalypse story, I wasn’t allowed to show the head of a Zombie flying across the room. But it passed the review when I described a female character picking up the severed head and keeping it as a souvenir. [She’s a weird character who loves creepy stuff! We don’t judge her! :joy: :rofl:]

So depending on how detailed it is… will depend on what’s allowed.
A few years ago… [long before LL came in] I wrote my first Episode story called “Nightmare Roadtrip” [I’ve hidden it from view, since… because I don’t write INK anymore.] Anyway, I remember being told by the Episode Team that I was not allowed to tell the audience that a character had been hung. So it’s very strange how it works, sometimes they’ll approve certain descriptions… other times they won’t.


Maybe I’m better off writing it elsewhere. I don’t think with all the restrictions that I’ll be able to give the story the right feeling --best word I could come up with. lol

I want people to feel the emotions of the detective and the Med Examiner about the case and what the perpetrator is doing to their city because they’re (the perp) a very skilled killer who leaves no trace (the anger, disgust, fear, etc.) and with what you’re telling me-- I’d get banned if I wrote any of it here. lol

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No, don’t let the guidelines deter you. Your story definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in reading. [And believe me… I’m an extremely picky reader! :rofl: :joy:]

But seriously… you won’t get banned right off the bat, especially for a first offence. So write it exactly as you want, [just bear the guidelines in mind when you do] and once you’ve been reviewed, they’ll tell you what needs changing [if anything] and they’ll give you time to do so, before they re-review it. :blush:

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I may. Idk yet. I think I’ll develop it further and see if I think I’ll be able to make it fit the restrictions.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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sure! :slight_smile:

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I did. :slight_smile:

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