Murder Mystery RP/SG (PM based)


Murder Mystery Season 1: Tea Party Murder
Your bestfriend invites you and 9 others to a tea party at her new mansion, as a house warming party, Your bestfriend is acting strange, she’s not her normal self, oh well she must just be getting used to the house. You don’t bat an eye about her acting strange, until people start dissapearing. Look down, is that blood in your teacup? Where’d it come from? Look up, there’s a dead body.

Form Murder Mystery 1: TeaParty Murder

TeaParty Murder FaceClaims

Please comment once you’ve signed up, and remember only the first 10 people will be chosen.

@Ella @Ms.Kate You both chose somewhat interested (Tag Me) on the poll soo.


Signed up :slight_smile:


Thank you for signing up! :heart: I added your character to the Slideshow.


thanks :smiley:


I signed up!! And my FC


Thank you for signing up! I’ll add you to the slide shortly, and remember to tell your friends about this if it’s something they’d be into.


Hi, I just wondered how do I sign up?

-Blossom :heart:


If you click the area that says ‘Form Murder Myster 1: Tea Party Murder’ a link will pop up, if you click that link it’ll bring you to a form that you fill out. If you need more help don’t be afraid to ask.


Thanks, sorry did it now :smiley:


Thank you for signing up! I will look at your character shortly and add it to the slide, tell your friends about this RP if it’s something they’d be intersted in.



-Blossom :heart:



Since you all seem to like some depressing killing people stuff, here.


Thanks for the tag.



Thank you so much for tagging people who possibly might be interested in this.


Hi, I just wondered how many characters overall have been confirmed?


Sadly 3, I’m working on trying to get more people to join