MURDER! Official Roleplay Thread


Hello, everyone. We are finally going to start the roleplay!

Some rules:

  1. Cussing is allowed, just not too inappropriate.
  2. Please follow the bell schedule, it will exist here, hehe!
  3. If you are going to show inactivity, I will kill your characters before the murder even happens. Let me know before inactivity.
  4. Sex scenes are allowed, but pm the person before doing so… nothing too wild.
  5. If you wanna be friends with someone already, pm them instead of telling them here.

note: some people don’t have pics yet cause they haven’t submitted it yet.
Elective Pickout

Savannah Peters - @allyy20
Lia Winters - @Jelly_Pringlez
Kate Welmore - @oorgeloop
Amy Rose Johnson - @amelianelson
Emma Collins - @xTheStrawberryGirlx
Carmen Diaz - @Bubbles
Min Sioux - @IIChanII

Megan Carter - @Ella
Natalia Jones - @Sahara16
Ella Bonze - @Echo113

Samantha King - @RudeInception
Jack Winters - @Jelly_Pringlez
Maxwell Richardson - @allyy20
Carter Hoffman - @jkdelbian

Lysander Ajanuku - @Queen_Faith
Tayla Romano - @MissPaige

Roleplay will start whenever someone posts.


NOTE: If you wanna signup, the link is here.


First bell has rung. Head to your lockers and grab your first period stuff.


I sighed as another shoulder shoved me in the hall and pushed through the couples of horny teens making out. I finally reached my locker and put in my combination. I grabbed for my history textbook then closed it and looked around, awkwardly waiting for the last bell in the huge swarm of conversations since my class was right across from my locker. No kid ever wants to be the first one in class and make a forced conversation with their professor.
ORP: Approachable. Also face claim isn’t up yet but Carter is a 17 year old guy


She was outside of the school when the bell rang, bur she didn’t go inside though. She looked at her outfit in the reflection of the window, making sure she looked okay before slowly making her way into the school.

orp: approachable!


Kate bit her lip nervously. First day and being a freshman didn’t help her anxiety. She adjusted her sky blue shirt on her shoulders that complemented her eyes and tucked an annoying strand of hair back behind her ear. She gripped the Englsih books to her chest. And made her way to her class, dodging the running students that raced towards their classes.


I made my way to my locker, wondering what would happen this year. I opened my locker and reached in to get my books.
I turned around after locking my locker and coincidentally found a gap in the busy crowd. I hopped into it and made my way to my first lesson.
orp: approachable!


Samantha (SK):
I walk into the hall just as the bell rang. But I’m in no rush, I still have to finish this No-Egg McMuffin. I stroll towards my locker as the rest of the school scurries around me in a frenzy. I lean against my locker and chew slowly. I turn to my right and see MEGAN coming in. Kind of a late arrival from the future prom Queen.
”Hey, Megan.” I called to her as she passed.
”What happened to the red carpet they usually lay out for you?” I said sarcastically.
She walked past me, without noticing, guess the crowded hall was louder than I thought.
-shrug Not one of my better jokes anyways
I finished my breakfast sandwich and grabbed my books from my locker and headed into class.


I made my way to my locker, making sure not to make eye contact. I did spy a cute boy in the hall but he didn’t notice me. And a cute girl bumped into me, but she ran off before I could talk to her. A few girls had complimented my outfit, but I just smiled and thanked them. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a friend, but I know that once they find out the truth about me, they’ll run away. Tell everybody the truth. Mock me. They always do.


After seeing a few people walk into the classroom, I shuffled inside and walked straight to the back table. The teacher, a short man who was balding on the back of his head didn’t even look up to greet anyone. I scoffed. So he hated this as much as the next student did. I grabbed my ear buds and put one in and just waited.
ORP: approachable


Yesssss, the no-egg McMuffin :joy::joy:


After a while, she walked into her class, rolling her eyes because she hated that class. She sat at the desk closest to her, which was next to a boy (Carter) who she saw around in class sometimes, but never really spoke to. She crossed her legs, leaning back in her chair.

@jkdelbian (Carter - mentioned)


I moved my backpack away from Megan and looked over at her. Why was one of the most popular girls sitting by me? Probably to show how great she was. I slowly put my bag down on the floor and examined her. Her clothes were the latest fashion, her hair was prepared, and already I could see guys in the class gawking at her figure. I rolled my eyes. “Ya know I bet some other guy would feel much more privledged if you went and sat by them.”



Kate walked in the classroom and found an empty spot in the front row. She sat down, seeing that the teacher hadn’t started yet, she opened her textbook and began reading.


Yeah definitely. Sorry about that! It’s probably because she wasn’t tagged before. Just tag her in that post and I’m sure she’ll see it


hm but i was pretty sure that when you made that post it was to Amy? so i made a post of Megan going into class - and i don’t really want to change that…
you can have your character come into the same class now, or change it back to Amy?

(also you can’t just say things like ‘Pause’ just to wait for someone to reply - other people are roleplaying too.)


Then should we just continue…



I walk over to my locker and quickly open it. I glance over at the great busy crowd and smile. A chance to meet more and many new friends, I thought. I decided to peep through the crowd and smile at each person I pass by, hoping to make a friend.

@RudeInception is Samantha approachable?



I walk back into the hall. Since when are teachers allowed to be late? Whatever.
The halls are still pretty busy. I pull out my phone and text KATE (@oorgeloop). She’s probably in class already.


  • ”Hey! I know you’re probably nervous. But take a breather. This school is as boring as any other school.”

Sent. Teachers still not here… let’s see what’s new on Episode.

(ORP: approachable @allyy20)



I bump into Samantha and smile at her."Hey!"I said, waving very proudly."My name is Kahlani, what’s yours?"I say, hugging my binder towards my chest.



I walk into the school, sighing. A few ladies check me out and coy off of my hotness."Don’t feel too proud, ladies."I said, coldly. I stared at them angrily and walked straight past them, their eyes in awe.

OPR: Approachable.



I look up from my phone to see a very cute girl. She then spoke up kind of loudly, asking me my name. Eagerness usually turns me off immediately but she seemed sincere enough.

“Hey, Kaylahni was it? (ORP: Btw I’m pronouncing name incorrectly) I’m Samantha King. You can call me Sam… or King hahaa. Dealer’s choice.”