MURDER! Signup Thread


MURDER! is a very interesting, yet kind of a game.

You signup for one character, and one only, and make some high school relationships, friends, and all of the normal stuff. When we get into a few weeks of roleplay, suddenly someone is murdered, by one of you students. I’ll be picking someone, and that someone will be able to pick students to kill or kidnap until we have left. The murderer will leave certain clues after killing or kidnapping someone, and it’s your job to find out who. Will you solve this MURDER case?


The people who have already signed up:


I hope other people sign up…


I have signed up, i cannot wait for it to begin!!


Just signed up, sounds exciting :slight_smile:


@Faizahj786 You need to be more descriptive on personality. Playing Episode and swimming everyday are activities, not personalities. And please, don’t make your character based on your forum username, do something different. Therefore, you must resubmit the form.


GUYS! A stereotype is like a bad boy, photographer, theater freak, etc!

IT’s not that hard to come up with!


@oorgeloop I have made Kate a book worm because sometimes her best friends are books. Please let me know if you wanna change it!


are there faceclaims?




what’s the link to it?


I signed up, did I mess up ? :confused:


No, but, for your faceclaim, can you link the image address?


HELLO EVERYONE! Since, we have no males, if you guys want, I’ll let you make a second character. I hope you guys can make most of them guys…


How can I go back an edit it (sorry, first time RPing)


Just submit another form.


@amelianelson @RudeInception could you please tell me what your characters think of themselves? forgot to put it down…


She likes herself but doesn’t think other people find her attractive


That’s fine (im a bookworm myself) so its all good!


Can you resubmit your faceclaim or link it here?


@MissPaige Hey, could you pick someone else besides a celebrity as your faceclaim?