Murdered in School ~ SG & RP Sign Up



This is my first RP/SG I hope you like it and would hope to see you all signing up. Hope you like the idea and like the storyline!!

The Story

Sunshine High. Located in east Chicago was an ordinary high school. Full of love, happiness and knowledge. It had many students and everyone was happy and well. Everything seemed normal until one day when disaster struck. Ten murdurous people broke in with heaps of weapons. They killed more than half of the student body and nearly half of the teachers. Who were these people? Why did they do this? Did you survive?

  • Please do not start any drama on this thread.
  • We can and will reject characters if they do not meet standards.
  • You can only sign up four characters at the most as we have a certain amount of characters that can be accepted. Make sure you balance their genders.
  • Please make sure that you reserve characters if you want to be guaranteed a spot.
  • We do have a certain amount of characters to be played so be quick to get a spot.
  • As this is a SG their will be restrictions on your actions and that I will also be creating your relationships with other characters.
  • Have fun!
Sign up forms and Faceclaims

Sign Up Forms Students
Sign Up Forms Teachers and Staff

Teacher’s and staff.

Principal- @Daisy_Flower1
Foreign Languages-
Sciences- @BrookieK
Engineering and Robotics-
Music- @Coolepisodes
Arts- @mistyhearts
Football Coach-
Volleyball Coach-
Teacher Aid-
Teacher Aid-
Field Maintance-
Guidance Councillor-

Just some random people that I thought may possibly want to join?? :heart_eyes::grin:
@ChayChay @Zabica @Epi.Sympatics @Kate_Potter @Coolepisodes @epi.alyssaa @16AngelCat @SilverStar @Caticorn @allyy20 @Leea @Surface_Hyena57 @coolandlazy @PurpleRose

Hi I want to join a RP
Anyone have a new role play?
Role-plays please thanks
Any RPs that I can join?
Roleplay sign up?

Omg… sounds very interesting… I will sign up one character… I can’t wait


Thank You!! :purple_heart::yellow_heart:


Thank you for the tag


OOOOOOOOOOO this looks nicee ima join




Just signed in <3


Also, when I try to go to faceclaims, it doesn’t work, it says denied.


Ok I will try an fix that, thanks for letting me know.


Is it working now?


Nope not yet … Still needs your permittion for us to look …


Also reserve for 2 males …




Sent my info … hope one of my characters stays … at least


Reserve? :sunflower:


I sent in a girl. And I’ll do a boy as well


Cant access the FC


FC should work now I have put the right link in this time. Also if you are going to sign up try and use some variety. So far nearly everyone has submitted a 16 year old girl.


You can change mine to 15 or 17 which never you need!! :grin:


Ok thanks. Would you rather be 15 or 17 I don’t mind what you choose.