Murdered in School ~ SG & RP Sign Up


Ok, thanks! I will try and add you to face claims as soon as possible.


looks like you need teachers i submitted one




How can something be both RP and SG?


So there will be ost parts that are roleplay where you are free to do whatever you want. There will also be parts were I control what happens and how everthing plays out.


I made a teacher, because you do need teachers. I made a Music teacher


Ok thanks


Do you maybe know when this will start?


Once we have enough people. So you can tag people who might be interested if you want.


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Thanks for the tag! Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to pass.


Are there going to be specific planned events that will happen in this?


I’m already signed up… I think for 3 characters


Yeah but based on what your character does and how your character acts.


I’m in more than enough roleplays at the moment, and unless one of those falls through, I likely won’t join others.


I signed up😊


Yeah I understand I’m struggling to keep with all the role plays i’m in too.


Ok thanks. I am unsure whether or not I have added your character to the faceclaims but will do that as soon as possible.


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Please stop tagging me.