Murders in School - Official Thread


Murders in School - Official Thread

Everyone, it is finally here. Thank you for all being so patient and supportive. I can’t wait to get this tatted and see what happens!

So how this will work is that it will start off as an RP for the first week for everyone’s characters to meet and made friends and so on. After that it will become also an SG. I will do SG post based off what your character has done previously and also their skill set and personality. There will also still be time for RP. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hope you enjoy this RP & SG as I have spent heaps of time working on it and am excited for it to finally get started.


Located in Chicago is the ordinary school of Sunshine High. It is like all other high schools, full of love, happiness, friendships and knowledge. Everything seemed normal and happy until one day when ten murderous people broke in kidnapping some staff and students. This continued to happen yet no one did anything. What happened to the people kidnapped? Why is this happening? Is anyone going to stop it? What secrets are being kept? Will you survive?

(Yes I know it changed a bit)

  • Don’t start any drama.
  • Remember to tag the people you are role playing with.
  • No sex scenes.
  • Swearing must be blurred.
  • 3 sentence minimum.
  • Be descriptive.
  • When speaking out of character use ORP or OOC
  • PM if you will be inactive for long periods of time.
  • PM me any questions.
  • Have fun!
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Ok, feel free to start the RP. Once I add my characters and finish the schedule the school day will officially start. For now it will be in the morning before school starts. Enjoy!


ORP: I’ll be at rl school at 9:00!



She was nervous for the first day of school. She wasn’t sure if she was gonna meet new people or stay to herself. She didn’t know anyone here and wasn’t sure if she was gonna like it or not.



He is excited for the first day. Maybe he will make some friends that will last a lifetime. He doesn’t really know anyone but that doesn’t bother him.



Wondering around he thought about school. He couldn’t wait to meet all the ladies. He wasn’t worried about making friends because he knows everybody loves him.



Dazzline Robinson

She’d wake up from the wind on her precious mocha skin, as she felt that she got out of bed, and changed for school, she grabbed this. She brushed her teeth, and walked downstairs for breakfast, by her mother. “Mom, what’s for breakfast?” She’d ask.
“Oh, well, Pancakes, and eggs. No milk.” Adelaide Robinson replied, that was Dazzline’s mother. Dazzline sat down, and ate some food.

Noah Silverleaf

He woke up from his slumber and put on his clothes, and off he went to go brush his teeth. Then, he ate some toast and drank some apple juice, and walked out to his car to go grab some coffee.
Most likely he’ll meet Lucas there.

@Epi.Sympatics - (Mentioned)


Ms Karaba
I walked out of the house, throwing on a scarf, grabbing my bag of papers and a muffin. I was a bit jittery It is my first year teaching i thought to myself, i did take a few extra years in university. I got our and noticed the halls already littered with students. I didn’t say anything but studied them. I walked into the class room, its so bland, i thought. So i got to work.



I woke up and saw my mother put this outfit outfit on the chair. I rolled my eyes and opened my closet. The shirt I picked for myself wasn’t anwhere. I looked everywhere in the matter of seconds making a huge mess on the floor. I finally found the shirt in the dirty laundry basket. Mom thought I would never look there becuase I usually don’t put my clothes in it. But I don’t have a usually. I’m spontaneous . I put on the shirt and combine it with pants from the outfit she layed out for me. I take my shoes with a pair of mismatched white socks (becuase you could never tell and I was in too much of a hurry to change it). I leave wearing my backpack and sat in my new vista cruiser. When they asked him which car he would like he said he wanted a VW van from the 70s , but that’s retro and probably expensive so instead they bought him a vist cruiser thinking he might like it since it’s just like the car from that 70s show. I arrived at school and found my locker.

ORP: Approachable



She wakes up and she gets excited. Today is her first day of high school and she can’t wait meet new people and make new friends. She gets ready to go to school then she finally arrives. “Finally I’m here hopefully I can make new friends.”




I close the door of my locker to see a girl . I was scared by her. I didn’t expect to see a face there. She looked like this is the happiest day of her entire life. I roll my eyes. Hopefully that’s not an actual student. She acts like one of those kids from back to school ads. I hope she’s moody and not always this happy becuase that could get really annoying. And not just to me. To everbody. While walking and thinking about it I acidentally said “She’s too happy to not be annyoing” to myself. I stopped and realized she was able to hear me. I turn around to look at her.




Suddenly she hears someone say she’s too happy to not be annoying. She turns around and sees a guy. She decides to talk. “What do u mean by that?”




I woke up and put on my outfit . I eat my cereal and take my backpack . I say goodbye to my mom and I go to the bus. After a short ride I arrived at school.

ORP: Approachable


“You realise this is high school and not a back to school comercial? I hope you’re just moody and not always this happy. Becuase to tell the trust, it’s annoying when somebody is always happy. I bet you’re a freshman. But trust me soon depression will get you so hard you won’t know what hit you.”




“When you have that attitude u will have depression. And I’m a junior not a fresh end. Even tho it’s highs school, I like getting the best out of everything altho it’s gloomy.”



Noah Silverleaf

Noah walked to school, wearing these clothes. Noah walked to his locker, and sighed. He saw a few people but he didn’t know WHO to talk to. He rolled his eyes, and started putting his stuff away.
He felt a bit nervous for school, but yeah.

ORP: Welp just found out schools out for me.

Approachable, and who’d like a relationship with Noah?

Satsuki Akiyama

She woke up, and changed into this. And she brushed her teeth and stuff, and rode her motorcycle to school. Once she arrived, she went to her locker and put her stuff away. She leaned on he locker waiting for someone to talk to her.

Same with Satsuki, who want’s a friendship or a relationship with ANY of my characters


ORP is something wrong I know I signed up but my FC is not up? @Daisy_Flower1


Matt Mane

I didn’t wake up this morning. When I arrived home drunk I realised it was 5:10 in the morning. I decided to sober up by drinking coffee, taking a short cold shower and eating a bunch of chocolate bars I bought for myself in case this happens again. Then I had an hour to sleep before I could wake up. I woke up 40 minutes later and drank another coffe so I can get trough the day. I put on a new outfit since the one I wore last night is showered by booze and a bit of vomit. I fell asleep and then one of my moms woke me up. She tought I was tired but I was recovering from being shitfaced. I took my lucnh money and some extra money I spared to buy myself cofee after each break. I was asleep during the most of the bus ride but after waking up I felt okay. I was all sobered up by the time I got to the school.

ORP: Approachable (@Coolepisodes, depends … any of your characters gay?)

@UltimaW maybe she didn’t notice you send your chars in since you sent them in only recently


I rolled my eyes. “It’s not attitude that gives you depression. It’s depression that gives you attitude. But just so you know … Perfect is annoying. Everybody thinks they want something perfect but it would feel like crap withouth any flaws once in a while to make the good stuff really bring out. Nobody here is in a mood to listen to a tampon comercial becuase it’s annoying.”

@Forever1201 (Most roleplayers ban perfect characters because they’re annoying)



“Well I’m sorry if I offended u. I didn’t mean to. I just don’t want to be depressed because of high school…”




I made a confused face “Why would you being too happy offend me? And why not be depressed? Everybody else here is. You’re not gonna make anybody else feel better if you put on a smile. And if you have to fake a smile it means you’re not happy. So why annoy everybody by doingsomething you don’t even wanna do?”




She think about his comment for a minute. She thinks that maybe he has a point. “I-I guess your right…I-I just wanted too…”



Orp: someone please approach Leo, Marco or Nova


ORP: I have a character that is gay, Augustus Brown. Ignore his fc detail thing, I was just putting it on there so people won’t tackle me.



“I guess I’ve been watching too much House. Now I’m too big of a jerk. Sorry for atacking you when I could simply explain it calmly.” I reach out my hand for a handshake and say “I’m Dennis.”