Muscle Body Shape

Ok, everyone is requesting this but it is already a thing. There have been stories, stories that weren’t featured, that had the muscle body type. Did Episode delete this?

Please don’t block this! I really want to know for my story and everyone else’s stories. Also, it just makes Episode more lifelike and diverse!


It’s not longer available to use as it was never supposed to be used out of featured stories. So the coding doesn’t work for it anymore. The coding used to be @CHARACTER changes body into Athletic < I can’t remember if it was just Athletic or Athletic Male


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They addressed this body type issue. They tries to make it work, but it was super glitchy

Do you think it will ever be around again?
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: :sunny:

maybe in the future, but that’s up to our lovely Episode staffers

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I hope they bring it back. I need it for my shirtless scenes

I hope it’s brought back,

i really wish it worked, one of m guys is described as buff, and He looks like a noodle right now


Did they delete the stories that used the muscle code? I was reading a story a few years ago with a college professor who had the big muscles - it was an amazing story and now I can’t find it :sob:

What did it even look like? I vaguely remember reading a story that had it

It was like the shirts were not big enough so the skin hung out the sides.

The story was about a girl and an English college professor (or just teacher - but I remember it was English because his dad was publishing a book the girl ended up working on - I wish I could remember the story!!!}

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Picture can be found here:

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