Muse help needed!

I need help on figuring out a muse for one of my characters,
this is how he looks :joy:

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That looks like Shane Dawson :joy::joy::joy::joy: (in episode form)

Also, I don’t quite understand what you mean?

A muse is basically the “human real life” version of a character, like in the New Girl, Barbara Palvin is the Muse of Jade

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Ohhhh ok!! one sec

Sorry I tried to find some good Muses, but I couldn’t find any :woman_shrugging:

Same :joy: The only person who I thought came even close was Noel Kahn from PLL lmao
What do you think?

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He looks like a great muse!!!

Actually, a muse is what gives you inspiration. It comes from epic poetry when poets would invoke the muses - Zeus’s daughters.

When you say that someone is your muse, it means they inspire you… not necessarily to create art about them, but to create art in general. The muses in epic poetry had nothing to do with the actual story, but the poets acted like asking the Muses for help would make them write the story better… having the muses on their side made them more likely to do well.

A real-life version of a character isn’t a muse if you weren’t inspired to write the story by looking at the person. You can’t choose a muse after you’ve created a story, as they’re supposed to be the thing making you create it.

Oooh okay, thank you for clearing that up for me :heart: I appreciate it!

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I’ll help you look for a better word if you need it for your story!

Yeah, could you? That would mean a lot :joy:

I think I could just say this is the physical representation of character’s name. :thinking:
Maybe that seems too broad?

I love the word doppelgänger - it’s great for this!

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So to clear the air, I’ve referred visually to Madeline Ford from the moment I’ve started my story to depict my MC, when I submitted art request I always asked my artist to refer to Madeline when they created the art piece–would that qualify her as a muse?

Definitely! If she’s the reason you made your character look that way/act that way or made your story a certain way, she’s your muse

Ok! Thank you so much for taking the time out to correct me, or else I would’ve thrown the word around in the wrong context for God knows how long :joy:!

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Don’t worry about it haha! I’m glad you took it well! It’s one of those words that it’s so easy to confuse if you get it by context