Music and songs you like but others probably haven’t heard of

What songs have you heard and like that you think others haven’t heard or don’t like

So I’m a big country music fan which a lot of people don’t really like or listen to here are a few of my favourites;

Brad Paisley: He didn’t have to be
Heartland: I loved her first
Chuck Wicks: stealing Cinderella

All 4 One: I can love you like that
(I like John Montgomery version too)

All 4 one: I swear
(Again I like John Montgomery Verizon too)

John Montgomery: Letters from home

Carrie Underwood: before he cheats
Carrie Underwood: 2 black Cadillacs

And a whole lot more songs :joy:
So does anyone know any of these and what music do you like?

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Omg I did heard this one, such a good country kind of music, and damn when she saw him cheat, she was like, yeah bye. XDDD

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You should listen to “2 black Cadillacs”
I like to think its the second part to that song :joy::joy:

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Nice, I’ll listen to it. XDDD

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Opps thought I had posted it here lol sorry xx

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Me and my friend love this band called A Bullet for My Valentine. We literally have their albums on a playlist :joy:

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