Music and Sound approvals on Episode

Hello everyone!

I’m popping by to talk about a little idea that me and some friends had.

I don’t know if anyone else has already suggested this, but I thought that since we have background and overlay approvals on Episode, I wonder why we don’t have music and sound approvals as well?

It would be so helpful if Episode provided us a similar system of the approvals of backgrounds and overlays for music and sounds, so we could upload music that we liked and it would really fit our stories and Episode would approve it or not and allow us to use it on our stories.

I think it would an AMAZING feature and everyone would love it!

What do you think of it? Please let me know what you think and if you like the idea, also say it down below. :two_hearts:

Superstar. :star2:


This is the original topic, making this one a duplicate (:
Pls refer back to this topic to get this feature x


Oh, I see. Well, mine is pretty different, so I don’t think it is a duplicate. But thanks for telling me! :blush:

I would love to be able to upload my own music for a story. And my “my own” I mean only the music I’ve written and recorded myself. I had a band for a few years and I’m writing music for indie films. It would be a nice change to the stock music cues.


I totally understand what you mean, and that would be amazing! I understand that maybe it would be a hard job for Episode to figure out what’s copyrighted or not, but it would be such an amazing option to have and it would make the stories so much more powerful in terms of sound and music! :smile:


We could use public domain music and upload it! Omg genius!

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Precisely! There would basically be the point of having an approval system for sound and music as well. So Episode could check if the music you uploaded was copyrighted or not. And there’s still a bunch of music in the public domain that it’s amazing to use, so it would be a win-win situation for everyone!:blush:

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