Music and sound help



How do you stop music and sound playing over other music?

music off
sound off

I think this is how you do it. :thinking::slight_smile:


I check


Okay. :slight_smile:


Hopefully is


It works, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


No problem. Happy to help! :wink:


Always happy to help, aren’t you? :smile:


Yep! :joy::blush:


That’s how our friendship started hey :joy: wasn’t it yesterday? :smile:


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I laughed at that like a werido :joy: :blush:



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Hi –
How do we distinguish which audios are “sound” and which are “music”?

or is it just a matter of we code whichever we want and “music” audios continue on repeat under “sound” audios?




Music sounds are usually looping so you always have to turn them off, whereas just sounds are usually short like a phone ring so you don’t really have to turn them off. I’m not exactly sure because I tend to stay away from music because I usually forget to turn it off. :joy:

~ Winter xx