Music and sounds during scenes

Hey everyone!

So I’m an episode author but I’m actually writing my first story ever! I had a quick question about the music which plays during the episode.
I’m putting music to make it more entertaining but whenever I do that, the music stops at any moment. So if anyone knows if it’s normal or that I have to do something so it replays until the scene is over, could you please let me know by a quick little reply?

Thank you so much in advance :smiley:
-Loella xX

I know this might sound stupid, but did you put as:

Music insert music/sound choice


Sound insert music/sound choice

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Thanks for your reply!
Yes I did :grin:
My music is playing as usual but it just stops at any moment. I think it’s maybe when the music is done, but I can’t find a way to play it again…

If you put it as

Music [music/sound name] then it shouldn’t really do that, unless there is a glitch. If you put it as
Sound [music /sound name] then it tends to stop as soon as the music finishes :))

Ooh ok! I’ll try that cause I usually inserted music (music/sound name).

Thanks for your help :sweat_smile:

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I mean I inserted sound usually.

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It works!!! Thanks :pray:

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Omg yay! I’m so glad :heart::heart:

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