Music and sounds - good or bad? Use it or not?

Hi Creators and Readers!

While I’m creating my first story ever I would like to know your opinion of the music and sounds in stories. I ask because every time I read something my audio is turned off, so it doesn’t bother me if authors have or haven’t this in their stories. And I know that there’s no “our” music, just only what portal prepared for us.

But - what’s important:

  1. Are you reading stories with sound on? Or not? And why?

  2. Will this be a deal breaker to you if stories don’t have this feature?
    Will you read without it?

  3. Do you like only sounds/only music? Do you like stories with whole package or small amount of sounds?

Give me feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey! :slight_smile: I actually made a poll for my story which you can use to help with some of your questions. Here is the link, you’ll find the poll results as well as additional comments:

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check it right away. :black_heart:

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since this isn’t about coding. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

  1. I read stories with sound off just because I normally have my phone sound off and I’m not a fan of reading with the Episode music for some reason.

  2. I often don’t even know whether a story has sound or not so no, it would not be a dealbreaker.

  3. If I were to listen with sound on, I’d prefer it to only have sounds for effects like a door knock or phone ringing instead of music too.


1- I always read stories with sound on, I find that it brings you into the spirit of the story. Especially during sad scenes etc…like juvie_somber and emo_guitar always puts me in my feelings :pleading_face:

2- Ofc I’ll still read it! But it’s true that I prefer when there is music and sound.

3- I love both!

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I feel you. Because I’m that person who has always sound off. That’s why it’s hard to contacted with me via phone calls :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your opinion!


It’s good to know there are people that like both, because I’m a little anxious about adding music and I read somewhere on forum that readers don’t like stories without any of it. I also would prefer sounds effect over music, but we’ll see if I’ll manage both.

Thank you for your opinion!

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  1. No, I don’t. I have my own Spotify playlist full of songs that I listen to while reading. I just don’t like the music because it is annoying and repetitive. I also have this think where I can’t focus on a story without my own music since it feels too quiet and odd. Sound is much better than music since it just goes off and I don’t have to hear it again.
  2. Plot is what matters to me but good use of sounds is nice. unless I have my headphones out and my dad thinks it is the actual phone. :woman_facepalming:
  3. I prefer sounds to music because sound is necessary a lot of the time.

i try to have it off since I like to read chapters with my own music over them. i like it when a scene has sounds. but mostly I have my volume off.

Why? I don’t like Episode’s music. Sure we have a lot of audio and going through all and choosing an appropriate soundtrack for the scene can be overwhelming so authors and myself end up using generic sounds everyone uses. Most of the times you won’t find the appropriate music for the scene and you will have to use the closest one but it might ruin the scene for you. I don’t remember the name of it. It’s an action music that it just starts amazing but then it transitions to club music and it just ruins the vibe of it.



i prefer using sounds. they work perfect for scenes that you want to end dramatically but you don’t want to show what’s happening.

moderate amount is good. excessive for me would be using yawns and human voices I cringe a lot when I hear them but I just get over it.

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Yes, I also listen to Spotify playlist while I’m reading, mostly when I’m out for groceries or something. At home I got used to read without any of sound. I think because I read a lot at night and it irritates me at some point.

So, sounds instead music - check! :blush:

Thank you for your opinion!


Yeah, I saw few sounds on Episode music library (or whatever I can call that) and it’s a little overwhelming because maybe 1 of 10 was good for me. I didn’t have time for listening every piece. And I get it, I also found this one music and the the beginning was very promising and then… meh.
That’s why I’m asking about opinions because I don’t want to ruin my scenes. This story is very first and important for me, I think we all want be successful writers but more important is how we feel about our work. And sometimes little detail can ruin it. :frowning:

Thank you for your opinion!

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Hi! I’m always reading stories with sound on. I need it because it helps me get into the feeling of the scene. If it’s not music or sounds and just text to read, I usually start to think about other things and just forget what the characters (or whatever it is) were saying. I usually don’t read stories without sound or music because of that. I guess it’s because I see the stories more as a movie than a book. I need animations, weather effects and sounds, it makes the story real because almost all parts of your senses are touched.

I prefer stories with the whole package of music, not just a few sound effects somewhere. Sometimes it can be hard for authors to find music that fits the scene (I know how it is). I like it when authors solve that problem by advising to songs on other devices like spotify.

However there can be exceptions. For example if it’s a very tense scene, and everybody is waiting for something big to happen. In that situation, just before the big thing, silence is a very good thing. There are so many other things to focus on so you wouldn’t notice any sounds if you were there in person. It’s brilliant.

I have read a few stories without sound and music and it works. I can read them as well if they are interesting and not too complicated to remember. I’m always willing to give all kinds of stories a chance.

Sorry if you don’t understand what I mean, I’m always pretty weird and say weird things when I’m tired and it’s kinda hard to explain. This is also just my opinion, and I’m always open for new stories and new methods to read them. So I think you should write your story as you want and in the way you would like to read it.

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I totally understand, don’t worry. We all have our opinions and it matters to me to know everything about (maybe future) readers. It also help me to understand more this community and writing, because I would like to improve my story or stories in future!
I know that is very hard to please everyone, we have our do and don’ts, I get it. But it’s nice to share some point of view.

Song suggestion is also good idea, I forget about it. Thank you. :blush:

Thank you for you opinion!

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I love that attitude! You are one of the great authors that cares about their readers. I would love to support your future work.

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Thank you so much, that means a lot!
I’ll be happy to send you a message when I publish my story! :black_heart:

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  • Are you reading stories with sound on? Or not? And why?
    I read on my ipad and always have my volume turned on. Personal preference I guess.

  • Will this be a deal breaker to you if stories don’t have this feature? Will you read without it?
    Not a dealbreaker, but it feels a bit awkward reading a story w/o sound after getting used to ones with it.

  • Do you like only sounds/only music? Do you like stories with whole package or small amount of sounds?
    I prefer music over sound effects, and kind of get startledd when a story that has no music all of a sudden has a loud sound effect. My favorite is when authors give each character or scenaio a signature track that sets the mood of what the scene will entail.

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I mainly read stories if they’re really good irrespective if there’s sound or not.
Joriemar’s stories don’t have sound or music but she’s a really good writer, so I still very much enjoy her stories and recommend them.
With that being said, I’ve read tons of stories with sounds and music too and they’re great — so to me, it’s just up to how well you write your story.
I often have my sound off anyway, but I do try to turn it on as much as possible if the author recommends it in the beginning of their chapter.

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Always leave the volume up in case the author added music/sound, I wouldn’t want anyone’s time & effort go to waste. :thought_balloon:

But… hearing the same music over and over throughout the entire episode can be a little bit annoying, it’s good to switch up.

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So if you read it on iPad maybe you can tell me - how do you see chapters. I mean in creating portal and preview is something like guidebox with tablet and phone point of view. But I’m not sure if this “tablet” view is also working for iPads. :thinking:

I agree on part when music give as this right mood for scenes! And totally get it why it’ll be awkward for you to read story without any of sound.

Thank you for your opinion!

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